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Life Cover

Many people see life insurance as a ‘savings plan’, there to help those left behind should you die. It enables loved ones to pay off their mortgage and remain in their own homes, safeguards your child’s future and can provide an income to carry on living without you. There are different types of cover available, most notably either ‘Term Life’ which is for a fixed amount of time (eg. length of mortgage) or ‘Whole Of Life’ giving lifelong cover with a guaranteed payout on death.

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Critical Illness

Critical Ilness can arise at any time and at any age throwing your life into turmoil. Often people are unable to continue to work or cope with daily activities so this cover can act as a back-up plan by alleviating the financial worry at this testing time. The quality of cover and illnesses covered can vary significantly between providers so we treat each client according to their specific needs. Do bear in mind that, in most cases, Children’s Critical Illness cover is included automatically.

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Income Protection

None of us can predict when sickness or injury will strike but income protection enables you to focus on your health secure in the knowledge that you have cover for your family finances. Whether you are employed or self-employed this type of plan can ensure you maintain your standard of living. Even if your employer provides sick pay it is unlikely to last longer than twelve months so ongoing protection is essential.

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Family Protection

If you have dependants that rely on you then this insurance will allow you to secure their financial future in the event of your death. The insurer would pay out a lump sum which could be used to cover mortgage payments, household bills or enable the remaining parent to reduce their working hours to care for the children.

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Business Protection

Have you considered the financial impact that the death or critical illness of a key person would have on your business? In some instances, it could be so great that the business is unable to continue. Business Protection allows you to put in place cover that would ensure funds become available and allow you to continue trading. Let us help you protect the long term security of your business.

Please note for these insurance products terms and conditions apply. This information is a summary only. You will receive a full policy document upon application. This policy will set out the terms, conditions and limitations of cover provided under the plan.